Even though it came from a service station, the food knocked the takeaway London bento boxes I’ve had into the weeds.

Looking at this shot I’m struck by how relaxed we all look. Just how risky was it being there? We’d only been here for a couple of hours and were all, if not used to, then accustomed to Sakurajima exploding every ten minutes or so…

KABOOOOOOM! There it goes again.

The Volcanologist we were filming with, Dr. Corrado Cimarelli, was very matter of fact. Mount Ontake in Japan had erupted without any warning last year killing 57 people, and Mount Ontake had been considered pretty safe. So you could never tell. And here we were inside 3 kilometres from Japan’s most active volcano chowing down on lunch.

AXA. The Science of Risk. 2015.