Matthew is a director/filmmaker & former lighting cameraman. He works in advertising and broadcast, and across long and short form production.

He’s made projects for networks such as Channel 4 in the UK, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. Additionally he’s directed advertising and sponsored content films and campaigns for brands like Sony, Wallpaper Magazine, Paul Smith, AXA, Canon, HSBC, Kellogg’s, O2, Paul Smith, and Toyota to name few.

Originally from Australia, he’s a hands-on practitioner with 30 years experience shooting in many countries around the world. From complex studio and location shoots to operating on his own, Matthew brings the same creative rigour to all the projects he’s engaged in.

He has filmed around the world on projects big and small, across subjects, and on all formats. In Egypt in 2003 he was part of the first film crew to shoot inside the stepped pyramid at Saqqara among many other archaeological sites. He has also shot a documentary for National Geographic about the disaster at Chernobyl in the Ukraine, shooting in and around the power station, the exclusion zone, and in the nearby abandoned city of Pripyat.

He is also a capable writer, able to engage with a project at any stage. Many of the pieces on his reel have taken him from pitch to script, and he’s happy working on his own or collaborating with other writers to get an idea flying. He has a good handle on post production, can edit if needed, and has briefed and overseen VFX sequences from concept to completion. Additionally he particularly enjoys post-production sound work, especially foley and working with composers.

Collaborating is central to Matthew’s approach. He is accessible and positive, responding creatively when changes in direction occur, and ensuring all involved have buy-in. After many years working with people from all walks of life, Matthew firmly believes the experience should be satisfying for all involved.