So here’s a bit of lunacy… I’d never made a Straight 8 film before. For those who don’t know it’s […]

One winters day

…And a couple of hours of magic. We were excited when George the Poet agreed to write and perform a […]

And then…

Paul Smith dropped by to see how it was all coming along. Paul Smith 2016/7 Women’s fashion show

It begins…

The first shot of the day was for material that would feature as background imagery on a giant screen behind […]


It was a nice surprise seeing this room for the first time and I had a real sense of how […]

Floating Staircase

The heart of the Lasdun Building, and the centre of action for the show. Paul Smith 2016/7 Women’s Fashion Show

What? Me? Worried…?

Well, actually… Arguably the most nerve wracking moment of the whole project was building 2 tonnes of rostrum and crane […]


The first day out, and I’m scouting vantage points to shoot the bikes riding through the city. Riding Morocco: Chasing […]

In the High Atlas

Our first stop driving in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. After tea, what followed was seemingly hours of hairpin bends and […]

Desert lunch

The great views from the top of this hill. It also turned out to be a great spot for lunch. […]

On approach

There, just off the wingtip, is Sakurajima volcano, in the far south of Japan. AXA. The Science of Risk. 2015.

Living in the Ash

Dotted around the flank of the volcano are small villages and towns and all of them are regularly coated in […]

Farming in the shadow

This old woman was out inspecting her small holding while we got on with our work mucking about looking for […]

In the exclusion zone

We’re nearly 3 kilometres from the crater and the feeling is eerie. A deep huffing sound, rolling down the valley […]