Living in the Ash

Dotted around the flank of the volcano are small villages and towns and all of them are regularly coated in […]

Farming in the shadow

This old woman was out inspecting her small holding while we got on with our work mucking about looking for […]

In the exclusion zone

We’re nearly 3 kilometres from the crater and the feeling is eerie. A deep huffing sound, rolling down the valley […]


Even though it came from a service station, the food knocked the takeaway London bento boxes I’ve had into the […]

And then…

It happened, and it was seriously big. Sakurajima is one of the most active volcano’s on the planet. And it […]


Seriously. Booooooom! The locals have a name for Sakurajima volcano:  “ブラック神” or Barakku-shin – The Black God. This close it […]


The end of our second day filming on Sakurajima. AXA. The Science of Risk. 2015.

Tokyo nights

Shomben Yokocho, Shinjuku. You might never find it hidden away behind Shinjuku station in Tokyo. And nearby, Golden Gai, an […]

Tokyo Nights#2

This tiny bar, barely 4 meters square, in Golden Gai behind Shinjuku Station was amazing. Run and I think owned […]

Sunset on Tokyo Bay

Tokyo is amazing. A vast multi-layered high tech city that surely must be the most engineered places on the planet. […]

Hopper in Haneda

This was the scene as I wheeled my case out the door of my room on the morning of my […]

Tardigrade rooftop

A small green-screen shoot on a rooftop just outside the City of London. Amazing view, but breezy though. AXA. The […]

Fromage provençal

With Antoine, the 2nd camera operator, in the kitchen of a lovely Maison near Avignon. Thanks for the shot Federay. […]