San Fransisco skyline

Shooting plate shots for the final scenes of Asteroid Impact, and the 2nd last day of the West Coast shoot. […]


Something I discovered on a shoot in Egypt years ago, and reinforced here in Nubia. Turbans are the only way […]

The Water Tower

Climbing an old water tower in the middle of a sandstorm to get a shot looking over Station 6, the […]

And at the top…

…I discovered that the whole thing was swaying in the wind. I figured it had stood here for maybe 50 […]

Morning tea

Hot. Sweet. And plenty of it. Just what I needed after a night in the open. The students from the […]

The middle of no-where

On our journey through the desert to the impact zone I remembered seeing the skeleton of a camel, picked clean […]

Germany midwinter

Shooting long lens driving shots high on a hill in the country near Heidelberg. Canon, Germany.

My Thai crew, Bangkok

Finished just in time for the mother of all thunderstorms. HSBC: Difference in Business, Thailand

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Shooting a scene at Jökulsárlón – or Glacier Bay. I have no idea why Siggi is wearing white. Canon: Assignment – Iceland.


Packing the Land Rover again midway through the Iceland shoot. Canon Assignment – Iceland.


Siggi and me setting a shot with photographer Dave Derbis at the Goðafoss waterfall in north central Iceland. Canon: Assignment – […]

Orange Juice

This shot was taken just after I got an orange in the face at the 2008 Ivrea Orange Carnival. Thanks […]

Chopper on the beach

A fun and productive day. The weather has been beautiful and the location feels like a million miles away from […]

Matthew Huntley Film and TV Director


Shooting Vicki Couchman shooting me… Canon Assignment launch.


The only way we could get to film on a commuter train in Tokyo was to rendezvous with an empty […]

Mai and Q

Ace Location Producer & Fixer. Ace Camera Assistant. Toyota Green Designs: Eco Commuter. Tokyo, Japan


This is Charlie the producer who dedicated himself to looking after Bob the Goldfish. All six of him. As if […]