AXA: The Science of Risk

AXA: The Science of Risk

AXA: The Science of Risk

Here are four pop-science programmes from The Research Files, a series of sponsored editorial films from AXA. Presented by Greg Foot, these films leveraged AXA’s involvement in cross disciplinary scientific research and development from all around the world.


After The 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland (Try saying that quickly here) research into the effects of ejected volcanic material on jet engines became a hot topic. The take away; it’s obviously a very rare event but you don’t want your plane to fly through a volcanic eruption.


Ever been stuck in a crowd, desperate to get away but hemmed in by a slowly moving throng? This film unpacks the way large gatherings respond to emergencies.

Day of the Tardigrade

What links organ transplants and the worlds toughest creature? And how does it survive in conditions you’d think were incompatible for life?

Your Inner Gorilla

How do we learn? By observing others? Or finding out for ourselves? This film explores the intersection of personality types as it relates to leadership and group behaviour.