Nitto Denko: ATP

Nitto Denko: ATP

Here are two simple, gently comic TVC’s for Japanese television that both the Producer and I thought stood zero chance of getting made.

After the initial meetings we thought that like so many potential jobs it would vanish, this one more so because it was pretty bonkers. But the project kept evolving, and eventually we found ourselves in a studio getting to work.

The client, Nitto Denko, wanted to promote their sponsorship of the 2017 ATP tournament. And Shun, the Creative Director from the Y&R in Japan, had sold them two spots with an “English sense of humour” I hated having to break the news to him that I’m Australian, but we got past that and ended up having laugh, though maybe communicating through Google Translate had something to do with it…

Well anyway it was a fun project.

The second version is below.